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The most precious natural resources found in the Kolobrzeg region of Poland's Northern Baltic coast, are it's unique mineral rich waters, which rightly deserve to be called treasures of the Baltic. Lets start with Kolobrzeg, the home of our water. In Greek there is a saying “panta rhei” which means “everything flows” and can be attributed to Simplicius of Cilicia circa 460 – 560, whom claimed that there is nothing with fixed properties, something we know from the ever changing, fast paced world we live in today. There is no existence, there is only becoming.

In today's Kolobrzeg the process is still going on. With it's natural resources and assets, which are the results of the geological history of not only Northern Poland, but of the world we live in today and where human civilization is but the blink of an eye.

The hydrostatic outpourings of ground water made Kolobrzeg an alluring area for settlers due to the salty brine’s and waters. The first settlement was on the Wyspa Solna Island on the Parseta River within the limits of present day Kolobrzeg. This settlement dates back to the 6th and 7th centuries and it's establishment is related to the locally found salty springs where salt was extracted for a number of different purposes.

Salt was once a very valuable resource. Around the year 1000 AD a bishopric was founded in Kolobrzeg and later often referred to as the “ salt bishopric”. Thanks to the salt and the towns seaside location Kolobrzeg would soon become a very wealthy town and at the turn of the 14th century Kolobrzeg became a major hanseatic center. Until the mid 19th century the town developed rapidly and gained wealth due to the trading of salt. At this time Kolobrzeg was called Colberg.

In 1710 the first industrial brine graduation tower was created in pursuit of a more economic way of producing salt. Other graduation towers followed marking the dawn of the “spa” as we know it today. People walking around these towers started to notice the positive influence of the salt in the air and on thier bodies.

The 19th century saw an increase in the popularity of baths, including salt baths. In the second half of the 19th century local water drinking therapies were widespread in Kolobrzeg. In this way Kolobrzeg's water remained the cornerstone of the city's development as a Spa resort. In 2002 Kolobrzeg celebrated the 200th anniversary as a Spa resort!

In 1802 Hans von Hold, a prisoner within the walled fortress town of Kolobrzeg and simultaneously it's first patient, found out and described the benefits of our marine micro climate. “It was here that I bathed 300 times in the sea. I gained the will to live and walk around. I am positive I owe my health to Kolobrzeg and the Baltic”.

The bottled water revolution has been and gone.........there are many bottled waters out there..some good...some not so good, very few that are great. We here at Jantar know we have the best water mother nature has given to us and there are few waters on the planet that have a natural balance such as Jantar Premium Mineral Water. Jantar is a jewel of nature and an ideal balance of vital minerals.
We have a passion for health, well being and our source.

We choose Jade green glass bottles for our water because we love it, we want it to get to you just as it comes to us, the way mother nature intended it to be......perfect.
Jantar Premium Mineral Water is as good on the day you drink it as it was when it came out of the ground after it's 40 year journey to us here in Kolobrzeg, as that drop of rain.